Catalog product
Our products are small, multifunctional molecules for constructing complex and highly functionalized entities. They are extremely versatile and powerful synthetic tools to provide chemical diversification for early hit-discovery, fragment based approaches, focused on library production, analogue design and hit-to-lead exploration.

Custom synthesis
We provide custom synthesis of organic compounds for the chemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries and to universities and research institutions. Our Chemists are capable of handling complex synthetic assignments and providing high quality, on-time, and confidential services. We are developing an inventory of compounds that are not readily available elsewhere, and appreciate suggestions from you and your Chemists about products that we might offer.

We specialize in small organic compounds, Five- membered heterocyclic serial£¬Pyridine Serial£¬Poly-membered heterocyclic Serial and Coupled serial. Compounds are made to order in scales ranging from milligrams to multi-gram.

Pilot plant
Compounds are made to order in scales ranging from 1kg to 100kg.
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